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Top Ten Tuesday!!

Welcome back bookworms to another Top Ten Tuesday! Another amazing ask by the amazing people over on Instagram, so here we are with another request! If you have any, just keep them coming! Comment below, or contact me in any of my other social media places, for what you would like to see for a Top Ten Tuesday!! So today, let's face it, I'm sure you all know what it is...

Top Ten Bookish Confessions

We all have them! Something that we have always done, or things that we've never read...Well here are my Top Ten Bookish Confessions! Forgive me Book lovers, for I have some Confessions.

1. I am a Hardcore Hopeless Romantic
kiss romantic  
Alright, so I may have a thing for romance! I know a lot of people who secretly love romance, but will never admit it. Well here I am proud to say that Romance is my top pick for any read! I think it was Sarah Dessen that started my road trip to Romance, and I've never looked back! Something about how love can make you do crazy things, feel more than you ever felt, and make you believe in things you never thought possible. 

Of course many of my romance books have gotten a little *sizzle-y* but they do focus on more than just that. I have had plenty of arguments with the book *and characters* over something that happened. I've never dared to get to 50 Shades of Grey (and probably never will) but Romance often leaves you feeling hopeful, and amazed! (Also side-note, let's be honest, there was enough room on that door for the both of them...

2. I have never read Harry Potter
harry potter annoyed ron grumpy  harry potter omg emma watson hermione granger wide eyes
Seriously! I have never read the Harry Potter Series! I know its sometimes hard to admit that, especially when I have a book club who LOVES Harry Potter! I really need to get a move on that...

So when I was younger I never really got into the whole fandom of Harry Potter. My brother got most of the series to read, but he eventually stopped, and we gave them away. So growing up, I just never really bothered. I did get the first two when I was in high school, but gave those away as well, since I didn't even touch them...I know!

I think what makes things worse, is the fact that I've seen the movies.Well not all of them. I've seen movies 1-3, 5, and 7 Part 2. Not even in order...So I have absolutely NO IDEA what is going on in this series...How you might add? To be quite honest, I have no clue! Even talking about it now, is really making me want to start reading it (because I bought the entire series already) Especially since I also bought book 8 that will be coming out July 31st! My bookstore is doing a pre-order thing, where if you order before the 31st, you'll get a tote, and get to pick it up in store, midnight it releases!! HECK YEAH!

3. I will be the one who brings a bag of books when on vacation
thehills  the hills 1x10 bag the hills 110  book books read fear english
So I guess you could say that I would be like abibliophobia. For some reason when I go on vacation, I will be currently reading a book. It doesn't matter how many pages it is, or how far in I am with reading it, but I will always pack at least two extra books with me. If my vacation time is longer and spent on a beach I add in three books.

I don't know why, but I just always feel like I will finish reading a book faster than I actually do. Then there's also the fact that, I will also buy books while on vacation! Seriously! I went on vacation last year, and brought two books with me. The very last day I was there, I went to the bookstore, and had to only buy one book, because I didn't have anymore room in my suitcase!

I guess the need for having a short library in hand is vert important! Good thing I have my apps for reading, so now I have more space to just buy books. ;)

4. I have tons of mismatched series, and I'm 50% okay with it
reaction ew dislike  happy game of thrones tyrion lannister peter dinklage i am happy
So this one I'm sure has gotten on many of your own pet peeves. So let me explain it a little. I have shelves and shelves of books, and more often than not, I get most of them on sale. A majority of those are hardcover, and also may not be the first in the series. So I go ahead and buy it, because it's a great price. Then I wait forever for the next book to come out, or even go on sale so that I can get the hardcover to go with it. Neither happen, so I'm forced to pick up the paperback (I actually prefer paperbacks more). 

So here I am with a trilogy that has one hardcover in the middle of two paperbacks. OR I've started a series, and they completely change the covers! Like Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, or even Anna and the French Kiss...I may have the original, but when they change it, I love the new editions better, and I'm stuck with half of each... Sometimes I don't mind, but when I reorganize my shelves, I do get a little OCD/ Perfectionist moment where It bugs me that they are mismatched. *Sigh*

5. I secretly listen to people's conversations in a bookstore, or relating to books and give my own opinion in my head
  tina fey schmidt unbreakable kimmy schmidt tituss burgess kimmy
So I make this seem a lot creepier than it really is. I don't do this all the time, but because I'm also a writer, I tend to listen to comments that may end up being helpful in my writing. I know for a fact that a couple of my own friends have done this, and they will totally make it seem like they're not listening. (Although they're not always slick) Also there are a lot of really loud people in a bookstore, so It's almost like they want me to hear it...right?

I have come across a couple people that were in a bookstore and wanted to know what to pick up, or where to find a certain book. Obviously since I basically live at the bookstore, I know, or have suggestions, so I have answers that I give, but never actually say out loud! So I do give opinions, but I mean to just randomly insert my own opinion to someone, is a little weird! LOL So I keep it to myself and you know, it sometimes even helps me with finding books.

6. I love collecting Mugs, Bookmarks, Journals and Candles to use while reading, but almost never get used for that reason
movie shopping confessions of a shopaholic  
I actually really love shopping at Chapters, because it's really relaxing. Whenever I'm stressed, I just head over and walk through the aisle, smelling the coffee. I find that it's the place I can kind of go to for a while, just to lounge around and calm down from any stress I have.

When it comes to mugs, bookmarks, journals, and candles, there's not much I can really explain. Bookmarks are needed, because I would never dog ear a book. I love drinking hot chocolate, and coffee, so collecting mugs with amazing quotes just make it better!

Because I started a bullet Journal, I've been obsessed more with journals and pens! To be honest, I don't know why I don't use them that much, or at all. I think it's because I don't want them to run out or get used too much! So if you're ever in need of a journal, or candles....you'll have a great person to ask for opinions, because I probably won't give any to you :P

7. Words or names I can't pronounce have a new way of being said while reading
thehills  the hills idk 1x05 the hills 105  
I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who has troubles sometimes with pronouncing words or names. I don't know how many times I've read  name thinking, I'm saying it right, until someone else says it, or even the author, and I'm just like ahhhh!

Being honest here though, I just pretty much make up a new word for it, and add it to my own vocab dictionary haha! I will have the odd word or name that really bothers me to the point where I kind of mumble it if it passes through in a sentence. This sounds so weird, but it's true!

8. I have a lot of friends who don't read, and sometimes wonder
fresh off the boat brain mind blown  
I'm sure that there are many of us who know at least one person who has said "I don't read" or "I just cant sit there for so long and read a book" and it's probably crossed our minds at one point how that's possible.

I can definitely admit that I have always asked why. For a majority it's that they just can't spend hours sitting and reading. Others, it's just that they tend to do other things that are more active. Which I am perfectly okay with! I love that I have some best friends who don't really read much or at all! I think because of that, we connect in other ways that are just as amazing!

It still shocks me sometimes where I will find out a person who doesn't read or doesn't like reading. I mean there are SO MANY amazing books that I've come across, and I would totally think they would love it! Hey I have nothing against people who don't read, but I know for a FACT that those who don't, sure get annoyed with someone who loves it. I've had my share of constantly talking about books (it's a given!) and others just could care less. To each their own, am I right?!

9. As a kid, I used to HATE reading with a passion
 friends reading matthew perry chandler bing chandler
That is a fact! When I talk to many people about how I am a book blogger, and what I've been doing throughout this year, I have admitted that I used to hate reading! It comes to a shock to almost everyone I tell.

When I was in school we had a certain time of the day where we would read for a half hour, and I would literally sit there and flip the pages to make it seem like I was reading the book. For all the time it took to fake-read, I could have just actually read the book! It's funny to think about now. I guess it's the fact that we were more forced to read during that time, and I just really didn't want to!

So yes. I used to hate reading. With a passion. I would have a mini shelf of books, and I never would read them. Look at me now... #crazy

10. About 95% of the books I own/on my shelves are UNREAD
You didn't read that wrong! I am totally serious when I say that with all of the books on my physical shelves and on my E-book shelves, almost all of them are unread!

Since starting my blog, I have gone from 1 four foot shelf to taking up an entire other room, along with my own room of books! I also get sent books from authors and publishers, so they all tend to add up! I can admit that I buy books EVERY month, and buy much faster than I can read!

I have had some books on my shelves for years, and I haven't had the chance to get to them, because I end up reading new books instead! Also with the way my shelves are set up, you only get to see two shelves, but I actually have FOUR and more in my closet shelf. Double stacking and Triple stacking are what most of my shelves look like, and I'm always having a tower battle when trying to pick a book that's in the middle of the stack...

Alright Bookworms! I hope you enjoyed this Top Ten Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed reading all about my Bookish Confessions! If there are any of you out there that can relate to any of these, let me know in the comments below! Also if you want more Top Ten Tuesdays, leave a comment as to what you would like!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)


  1. I'm guilty of numbers 1, 5, 7, 8, and god help me... 9! I was a slow reader as a child so I was often frustrated when I didn't get my book reports done on time. It put me off of reading for a while. It wasn't until I was an adult that my love for reading blossomed. I had to grow up, learn to sit still and be patient. :)

    1. Haha yeah I definitely have changed as a reader, but these confessions definitely remain! Always fun though to think about how we never enjoyed reading now now, always reading! :)


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