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Kiss Me Again By: Rachel Vail

Kiss Me Again  (If We Kiss #2)
Author: Rachel Vail
Publisher: Harper Teen
Published: December 2012
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
Rating: 3/5
Kiss Me Again, the sequel to Rachel Vail's beloved contemporary teen romance If We Kiss, follows Charlie (Charlotte) Collins as she struggles with her feelings for her longtime crush Kevin Lazarus after their parents marry and he becomes her stepbrother.

It was complicated enough when their parents were only dating and Kevin was going out with Charlie's best friend, Tess. Now, living under one roof, Charlie and Kevin are crossing paths and crossing lines, sneaking around at night and then sitting down to breakfast together as a family. It feels so crazy--exciting, confusing, impossible, and romantic. It can't last, not like this, but if anybody discovers their secret, everything could explode...

Here we went, straight into the story from the ending of If We Kiss and I can say that there were a lot of funny, romantic, weird, yet loving moments in this novel. Charlie was faced with a lot of obstacles, but she prevailed, although some things I would have to say were probably not the most desirable.

Lets start off with the marriage of her mom and Kevin's dad. I think that it was really cute, that both parents had their children as part of the ceremony, and it was a very romantic moment. I think that Charlie did have some problems with Joe, Kevin, and Samantha being in her (their) home and always being around.

I quickly found that Joe seemed very uptight and in control, only being part of the family for a short period of time. It's definitely hard to be part of a big new family, when you are used to your own rules and routines, that things start to be tense and irritating.

I think that Charlie still has issues with her father, and the fact that he basically left her and her mother for a new family, just hits you in the heart. A child should never feel unwanted. When Charlie assumes that she will be spending time with her father, she quickly realizes that all plans are off, and he is going to Paris with his new wife and kid (ABC--What kind of nickname is that?!)

I really like that as soon as they are all living together, Samantha and Charlie now have this bond that is unique and a little odd at times. You can see that Charlie really likes Sam, and that she cares for her, and the conversation between the two is comical. Sam knows what goes on, but is usually to herself about it. (It's always the quiet ones to look out for!)

Now, getting to the main aspect of the story-Kevin and Charlie's relationship. I know at first I said that it shouldn't be since their parents are married and they are now "siblings" but you can see that there is actually a love there between them. I still think it's a little weird that they are sneaking around to go make-out, and are hiding the fact that they are in a relationship (Denying it the entire time) It definitely must be hard to be part of a new family, and the guy that you have loved forever is now your stepbrother!! wowza!

I find that there is still something missing throughout the novel, like the first one. I know that there was more drama and sneaking around which would be fun, but I guess since they're still young, the entire things seems really innocent.

Overall I really did like the book, but found that there could have been more to keep me wanting to read more; instead I found myself a little bored in the middle. I really like the ending of the book. How even though there were ups and downs for everyone, they were all there for each other no matter what and the Family dynamic was there, and the love was truly real. <3

And that's my Review for this novel. Is there anything that has happened to you that would make a great story?? 

So until then, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm :)

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