Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book Haul!!

Here we are again. Not even the last day of the month or anything and I have yet another book haul to deliver to you guys! I thought i would assure you that it wouldn't be a long haul, but I completely forgot the books I just got from a Half Price Book Store a couple weeks back--Whoops!! Obviously now I can tick each one of these books off my long list of books. Not only are they on my TBR pile, but they are also on my list of books/series I should be getting....With that being said lets get into my book haul!

I Am The Messenger By: Markus Zusak
When I first saw this book, I was in high school and asked my English teacher if I could read it (It was a mandatory book for an older grade at the time). I never got around to reading it, and after I read The Book Thief, I figured I would give this one a try. It's about a guy named Ed who receives a ace in the mail, and now has to become this messenger who sends out mail through his town, either helping or hurting them.
Something Borrowed By: Emily Giffin (Darcy & Rachel #1)
Now I'm sure a lot of you have seen the movie adaptation to this book. I think I have seen it about a dozen or so times on the W network! Of course I couldn't say no to it when I passed it in the aisle at the half price book store. It was always something I was interested in checking out. A girl named Rachel is living life in Manhattan with a best friend she's known since forever. Rachel also is in love with her boss, but has yet to say anything--and already late--when Darcy (her friend) swoops in and takes the man! Rachel knows in her gut, she needs to say something...so will she??

Something Blue By: Emily Giffin (Darcy & Rachel #2)

Obviously the companion novel to Something Borrowed. I deliberately did not look at the summary of this book, because I didn't want to know what happens after the first. It must have been something good (and since I've already seen the movie I know) However, this one is mainly based in Darcy's point of view, and continuing on after the first book. Must be a wild ride!
Isla and the Happily Ever After By: Stephanie Perkins
(Anna and the french Kiss #3)
I have been waiting so long to get my hands on this paperback version of the "series". They are all standalone, but are considered a series. In this one, a girl named Isla is a hopeless romantic--sounds familiar!--and has had a crush on a guy since first year at a school in Paris. She of course now wants to est her luck to talk to him, and hopefully see where things may lead...
Thirst By: Christopher Pike (Thirst #4)
I got this book, because I have the other three sitting on my shelf. I absoutely love Christopher Pike, and I really enjoy reading his work. I did have a friend tell me that it wasn't the best series she's read from him, but I figured I would give it a try and see if I would like it or not. All I know is that it's about Vampires, and that about it.
 Illuminate By: Aimee Agresti (Gilded Wings #1)
I haven't really seen this book around a whole lot, but I have seen in before. A girl named Terra is in high school, and is a total outcast. As soon as she is awarded some kind of internship, she suddenly gets into work, and of course falls in love. Will it last, will it work I'll have to wait and see.
Dreams of Gods and Monsters By: Laini Taylor 
(Daughter of Smoke & Bone #3)
Another series I have heard a lot of talk about. Mostly good reviews on the series as a whole. I have no idea what it's all about, but that's half the fun right?
 Every Last Breath By: Jennifer L. Armentrout (The Dark Elements #3)
Man oh man have I been waiting to get my hands on this book! I have heard great reviews on this series, and although I don't particularly like the cover change right as the last one is published, I cannot wait to dive right in and binge read the trilogy!
 Black Knight By: Christopher Pike (Witch World #2)
This was another series that had a cover change as the second book was being published. Howver I like this cover change than the first cover of the books. (i also unfortunately have the first edition of the first book...) It's about a girl who discovers a witch world that exists to only a select few. Lots of suspense, and thrills, I'm sure I'll be going nuts while reading it!
 Harry Potter By: J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter #1-7)
This is the one of the biggest series that I don't own and have been wanting for a while. It is also another series I have not read... I KNOW SHOCKING! I have heard it from almost everyone asking why I have not yet read Harry Potter. Well my bookworms, here's the gist; When I was younger, and Harry Potter was at it's peak for popularity, I simply was not at all entertained by books :( My mom even bought the series for my brother, and the first 2 for me, but I just gave them away.) This series has had a lot of cover changes, and almost all of them are amazing. The photo I have here is the dream collection I wish I had. I got mine from a half price book store all in one shot (I guess someone didn't want them anymore) I am so excited to start reading them, although it may stay there a little longer, since I have way too many books.

Mortal Heart By: Robin LaFevers (Hi Fair Assassin #3)
When I first saw this series it was in fact at a half price book store. I thought awesome! I'll get the first two then wait for the third. I quickly changed my mind and left them there. After about a year, I heard the first book floating around in the book community, and figured I'd give it a shot as well. I have not read these but I am interested to find out what that character uses the Arrow for!

And there it goes, my second Book Haul for the month of August. I am hoping that I don't get anymore for this month as I have way too many to read at this point (about 300+) If there are any of these books/ series that you would like me to read next, send a comment and I'll sure to check it out!

So until the next time, Keep Reading
Your Graduated Bookworm :)

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